March 2016 Cover

This originally appeared as the cover of volume 24, issue 5 of the Prospective. 

For this paper, I took design responsibility for the cover while my co-editor Spencer took responsibility for the centerspread. We wanted to discuss different (and often difficult) home situations. To convey the changing structure of a typical home life, we decided to play with the concept of blueprints. I created the cover by layering an image on top of itself in Photoshop, then applying a series of posterizing and artistic effects to the top layer. After I had achieved the “blueprint” look, I began erasing sections of the top layer to blend it with the actual photograph of the house.
march-coverSpencer and I, though working separately, wanted to create a sense of cohesion connecting the cover to the centerspread. Below is the final centerspread design. You can see the repeated font, blueprint theme, and shades of blue pulled from the cover.

march centerspread.jpg



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