October 2015 News Page

This page originally appeared in issue 24, volume 2 of the Prospective.

While I currently focus on the more artistic design elements of the paper (the cover and centerspread in particular), I spent my first year as an editor working on the news page.

This page in particular was tough to design–we had two in-depth stories. Fitting both on the spread while maintaining readability and the content was difficult. These were issues we had with almost every paper, but I feel like this page is the best example of it.

The tennis shoes on the left were placed for several reasons- to break up some of the text, to tie in the running theme, and because the looped-over laces reflect the awareness ribbon.

I designed the sidebar for the refugee story to bring people in and keep them connected to the story, and because the recognizable graphics would bring in otherwise uninterested readers.




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