Natural Things Food Store

This was originally posted Nov. 5, 2015 online. I wanted to showcase this local business, especially in light of recent “clean eating” trends and a growing “buy local” sentiment in Central Arkansas. However, so much of the food store was in the visuals of it. I decided to include a photo story, but to go in with Illustrator and use a Wacom drawing tablet to label the items for the less food-savvy and make the piece more interesting as a whole. The handwritten style complimented the aesthetic of the organic, local products while including relevant information.

Nearly visible from Wal-Mart, Natural Things Foods Store is a small grocery store hoping to bring locally-grown and healthy food into Saline County.

Owner Jennifer Jones grew up in Little Rock frequenting a local natural food store. When she moved to Bryant, she decided to take that idea with her.

The majority of the produce sold within Natural Things is locally grown and organic. Fruits and vegetables sit on wooden tables on one side of the store, an array that changes with the seasons.

Their most popular products are dairy and bulk. The dairy, located in the back of the store, resides in two of the three small refrigerators nestled in the back wall.

The bulk section (where basic products such as rice and beans can be bought by the pound)  takes up another wall, a series of wall-mounted containers and dispensers.

Natural Things also sells soaps, essential oils and teas, which you bag yourself at a station. Their food products include lamb jerkies, organic beverages, fair-trade and locally made chocolates, ice cream from Little Rock-based Loblolly Creamery, spices and coffee.

Natural Things works with a network of other local food providers in Arkansas to bring unique products to the community. Located off Highway Five in Grant Plaza, they claim that the Kroger Marketplace’s proximity has hurt them, but they will continue to sell new products in an attempt to bring in business.


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