All-Region Photo Story

These pictures were pulled from a larger photo story that originally appeared online on Jan. 24, 2017.

This year our staff has a unique issue; of our full-time photographers, only the photo editor had previous experience on staff, and that experience was only a semester.

I began my journalism career as a photographer, which is how I joined newspaper in the first place. After becoming editor, I spent less time taking photos, usually just getting shots when necessary.

However, due to the inexperience of our photography staff this year, I’ve spent a lot of time helping out in the photo lab. Writer/photographer communication has always been an issue as well, and spending more time talking to the photographers has filled in some of that gap.

Something our photographers have struggled with this year is building photo stories. They tend to spend their time focusing on the photos assigned to stories, and only the photo editor and I were posting online photo galleries because of it.

I happen to be in band with one of our sophomore photographers. Since we were both going to be at All-Region, I encouraged her to bring a camera, and I would help her build a photo story.

We both took photos, and after showing her how to upload images online and put a gallery in a post, I left the process of selecting photos, a featured image and a headline up to her. Below are my contributions to the photo story.


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