Humans of BHS Photograph

This originally appeared with a feature posted Dec. 4, 2015 online.

I don’t shoot a lot of environmental portraits, but this was one of my favorite online assignments. A little bit of context: Seth (pictured left) and Ben (pictured right) are best friends who do everything together, including restoring vintage cars. Every year, they’ve made sure that they buy parking spots next to each other to show off their cars.

For this picture, we moved their cars from their actual parking spots across campus to a relatively empty faculty parking area so that we could angle the cars together and get the main building of the school in the background. I had Seth and Ben explain things about their cars to me while I took test shots, to both get them comfortable around the camera and so that I could actually understand what they do with their free time. Ben opened up the hood of his car to show me the engine and everything he had done; Seth explained how he took apart his dashboard to customize his gauges.

The writer only used the image featured above in the story, but below I’ve included the three images I submitted from the shoot. Personally, the one of them sitting in their cars looking at each other is my favorite.


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