February 2017 Centerspread

This originally appeared in volume 25, issue 4 of the Prospective.

This is possibly my favorite centerspread I have worked on. We wanted to cover relationships, as the paper came out four days before Valentine’s Day, but we wanted to do it in a unique way. With the confirmation of Jeff Sessions, the current political environment and Black History Month, race relations are still a large part of the national dialogue–especially in the South. So we decided to talk about interracial relationships.

I took on the design aspect of the page while my coeditors got interviews. The retro theme is reflected in the cover as well.


The milkshake counter is a subtle throwback to the lunch counter sit-ins during the Civil Rights movement. The records and section on love songs at the bottom re-enforces the retro idea and lightens what is really otherwise a difficult topic, while providing information relatable to all students, not just ones in relationships or interested in racial issues.



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