Social Media Presence

In addition to my personal Twitter, I also run the newspaper account’s Twitter, which has a following of a little over 1,500 people. We use the Twitter to promote online stories, publicize the print edition and connect with students.

In every print edition, we feature Tweets from the student body that reflect current events, gained significant attention or are just plain funny. This is a great way to amp up student coverage and promote our social media.

Below are some examples of our Twitter presence and the way we connect with students.

As for my personal Twitter, I post whenever I publish a story and share stories that I feel are important to the community. I’m fairly politically involved in the state, and my posts get attention that the Prospective Twitter would not otherwise receive. Below are some examples of my work for the Prospective and Prospective Online being publicized, both by myself and others.

Aside from Twitter, I also publicize the paper on my personal Facebook, which is where I receive most of my subscription requests each year.


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