Web Content

I contribute regularly to the Prospective Online, the web branch of our publication. Here is my writer profile, which includes most of my work, sans a few photos I’ve taken for other writers.

I try my best to cover stories in a timely manner. My column on campus carry legislation was posted about an hour after the Arkansas Senate judiciary committee ended debate on the topic and it moved on to the Senate. I had it typed out on my phone and emailed it to my advisor, who kindly posted it for me and I finished up business around the Capitol. My story on Governor Asa Hutchinson speaking to the junior class was posted before the end of the day he came to visit. The collaborative multimedia piece I wrote the copy for about protests in Indianapolis was posted just a few hours after the protests began, thanks to a dedicated staff and lots of hot tea. The piece I wrote about a local police brutality protest was posted by the end of the day, despite the fact that I was in the backseat of a van driving to Colorado for pretty much the entirety of the day.

Timeliness is invaluable in the web news world. To achieve timeliness, I do my best to multi-task. For example, I can write a basic copy outline, fill it in and edit it while I wait for sources to respond or while I use voice-to-text to transcribe interviews.


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