photos by Maya Jackson

My name is Julia Nall, and I am a content creator and activist based out of the great state of Arkansas.

I’m passionate about human rights, environmental conservation, sustainability, and of course, quality design. Currently, I’m serving as the Chief of Staff for the Young Democrats of Arkansas and do design work for the Arkansas Traveler and UARK Office for Sustainability. I know it might seem like I’m all over the place professionally, but politics, journalism, and sustainability are all about making a better, more informed society.

If you’re interested in commissioning a graphic design piece from me or setting up a photo session, shoot me an email from the “Contact” page. Flyers start at $40, social media packets start at $70, and logos start at $30. Photo session rates vary based on subjects, location, and number of proofs.

Aside from fighting for general equality and spending an absurd amount of time shaking my fist at Illustrator, I love hiking, backpacking, and drinking lots of kombucha. You can keep up with my adventures on Twitter or Instagram if you’re so inclined.